yoga sculpt now offered in columbus

Additional Information

Join us for SHED Columbus newest class offering, YOGA SCULPT. Where we slow things down, do a few less burpees, and challenge your mind and your body while keeping a strong focus on stretch and recovery. YOGA SCULPT will take you through a traditional flow series with an added challenge of incorporating light hand or ankle weights, bands, and body weight resistance training. Class will be lead with music! 

YOGA SCULPT will be available to non-members for a $10 drop in. 


Erin is the mastermind behind YOGA SCULPT and has been working to create a unique SHED Yoga experience that is one of a kind. Erin has been practicing yoga for over 6 years and recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training with GoYoga. You can meet her on the mat on Thursdays at 7 PM or Sunday at 3 PM.